4th Edition – ski4sport 2015

Here we are, back from Falcade (BL), where the fourth edition of ski4sport took place.

Our group was joined by Luca Dalmastri and Claudio Gruppioni, prosthetic technicians from Arte Ortopedica di Budrio, by now our affectionate companions in our adventure on the snow, who with their professionalism fitted and supported the guys and their prostheses. From Rome we were joined by physiotherapists Rita de Santis and Stefano Marsili, also a must for ski4sport and a valid support for the team to relieve shoulders and tensions.

We were accompanied by some representatives of the Italian State Police, who also provide special support for our skiing and are always very attentive to the needs of our youngsters. We were joined by the legendary Roberto Bof, who with his camera managed to immortalize the best moments once again this year and brings with him an innate and irresistible cheerfulness that involves everyone.