Ursula Von Der Leyen al fianco dei WEmbracer

Anche Ursula Von Der Leyen, presidente della Commissione europea, ha voluto esprimere la sua vicinanza a tutti i WEmbracer celebrati nel corso della serata dei WEmbrace Awards del 30 marzo 2023. Guarda il video completo.

La trascrizione del testo:

Cara Bebe,

Distinguished guests,

 Today we celebrate people who are making miracles happen, every day. So let me tell you something about the first time I met Bebe Vio. She had just won her second Paralympic Gold.  I knew her as an athlete. A young woman who had risen against all odds. But when I met her, I was struck by something else. Bebe kept telling me how lucky she is. She told me about all the amazing people she has met in her life. The people who helped her follow her dreams. And that she would like everyone to enjoy the same opportunities that she has had. Because we are all different, but we all have the right to follow our dreams.

Bebe you are doing incredible work to help children with disabilities do sports, have fun, and be happy just like anyone else. But as extraordinary as you areyou are not alone. Many others, like you Bebe, are fighting to make our world more inclusive, for all. 

And the WEmbrace Awards celebrate them. Like the father who created a pizzeria that is run entirely by persons with autism. Or the young man who visits children in hospitals in a Spider-Man suit. Let me tell you something: You are real-life superheroes. 

All of you.


Some of your stories made me smile, others made me cry. But all of them have something in common. Your stories inspire. You teach us that we can all do something to make Europe a place where everyone can live a full life. And if you can do it, so must we, as a community. 

On my part, I feel the responsibility to live up to your example. You inspire me to work for a European Union where everyone can enjoy the same opportunities and participate fully in society, on an equal basis with others. In your words, Bebe: “Diversity is not a limit, but a right.” 

Thanks a lot for inviting me, congratulations to the winners and to all “WEmbracer”.