You have plenty of time to make up for it, come on Emanuele!

Emanuele Lambertini‘s Paralympic Games ended without medals.

In the individual epee, Emanuele was stopped at the last hit of the quarters by a 14-15 against the Chinese Tian.

In the team épée, Emanuele, Edoardo Giordan and Matteo Betti stopped in the preliminaries, being defeated by Iraq, China and Rpc.

In the individual foil, he failed to reach the semifinals by one point, ending again his competition in the quarterfinals with a 15-14 against Osvath of Hungary.

Finally, in the team foil, together with teammates Matteo Betti and Marco Cima, the Italian team was stopped on the threshold of the semifinals by Great Britain with a 45-37.

Emanuele was the youngest athlete in the fencing expedition.

It didn’t go as it should have, but this represents a new starting point towards Paris 2024. We believe in it!