Andrea Lanfri

  • Date of birth

    Novembre 26th 1986

  • Region


  • Prostheses

    Bilateral amputation of legs under knee

  • Sports discipline

    Athletics and mountain-climbing

  • art4sport member

    Since April 2017

I want to run faster than meningitis

Andrea’s sports achievements

  • From 0 to 0” 1st edition: Alpuane Alps. 60 km by bike to the slope of Monte Pisanino and then climb the Bagola Bianca ridge to reach its peak. Downhill run along the normal route to Lerici (September 2020).
  • Participation in the Pisa half-marathon ending it in just over an hour and a half (October 10th 2020)
  • “Five Peaks2″ project – conquering Italy’s most iconic peaks: Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Marmolada, Gran Paradiso and Monviso
  • From 0 to 0” 2nd edition: Mount Etna. 50 km by bike from Aci Trezza to the slope of the mountain. Climb to the top and return to Catania with another 50 km of running (October 2020)